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About Konnech, Inc.

Konnech, Inc. designs and sells high performance software-as-a-service (SaaS) for governments, businesses, K12 school districts, and other organizations in North America. Our strategy focuses on emerging technologies such as mobile applications, voting security, and intelligent communications integration. Our greatest asset is the history of election experience and knowledge of our team. Over a decade of experience in the election industry has made us experts in the execution of powerful and efficient software solutions.

Company History

Konnech, Inc was founded in April 2002 in Okemos, near East Lansing, Michigan and is a leading designer of customized solutions in the election industry. Konnech's most recent developments include PollChief®, a complete elections management system for the streamlined management of poll assets, locations, workers, election call centers and election night results. Konnech's latest system is ABVote, a smartphone/tablet app and web browser system which generates precinct specific voting information based on a user's IP-address or GPS based location. Konnech's focus from the beginning has been to exceed our customer's expectations in value and efficiency. Our mission is to equip our customers with the most innovative technology available to enhance cost-effectiveness and productivity. The greatest asset of our company is the election and engineering experience of our team, which enables the customization of solutions to perfectly serve the needs of our customers. We distinguish ourselves from other vendors with our complete oversight in every project---each solution is designed, built, and tested by our own talented engineering teams, and served and supported by our own dedicated service and support teams.